Why do beauty salons mostly choose wooden beauty beds?

The so-called beauty bed is a unique design that can help the beautician adapt to various angles and orientation requirements of the human body during operation. Of course, the use of beauty beds must be carefully selected, and solid wood beauty beds are unique. Solid wood beauty beds are the first choice of many beauticians, so why?

wooden beauty bed

1. The wooden beauty bed is a healthy and environmentally friendly product. The solid wood beauty bed is a natural wood product, so its material is environmentally friendly and healthy, and it shows a natural and original beauty. The solid wood beauty bed is an enduring bed product. In terms of color, the natural wood color of the solid wood beauty bed is in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanites advocating nature and the cordial beauty of the original texture!

2. The wooden beauty bed is a solid and durable product. The lifespan of a general panel beauty bed is 3 or 4 years, and the service life of a solid wood beauty bed is at least 6 times that of panel furniture. If it is a better solid wood beauty bed, it is made of rubber wood as the main material, and it will last for a long time !

3. Wooden beauty beds are generally value-preserving.

4. Wooden beauty beds generally have exquisite carvings and a smooth appearance. Because wood is suitable for carving, the products are exquisite!

5. The material of pure solid wood will bring a natural atmosphere to your space, and keep your home away from the cold steel and modern chemical materials; at the same time, it can bring a warm "wooden atmosphere" to the home environment, so it is very popular among middle and high-end It is welcomed by consumers and brings a warm and romantic feeling to people.



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