Pedicure Chairs

  • Luxury pedicure chair and stool
Luxury pedicure chair and stool

Luxury pedicure chair and stool

  • Model: PC75
  • Material: leather +sponge +hardware
  • Color:customized
  • Size:see picture
  • Product description: Luxury pedicure chair and stool,Suitable for multiple occasions,Salons with soft lighting and Impeccable craftsmanship.

Luxury pedicure chair and stool

Suitable for multiple occasions

Home business

Suitable for all needs

1. Foot bath industry

2. Foot massage protection key

3. Nail art industry

360 degree design concept in A class its own


1. All- new therma-jet steamed-heat therapy

2. Dual-jet hydro-massage system

3. Ecojet shaft-less universal whirlpool jet

4. DCS Digital Control System

5. AUTO-FILL Water Auto-Stop sensor

6. Heated seat cushion

7. USB charger

8. Inlay remote ( for massage & seat positioning)

9. 6-way power top chair

10. TRU-TOUCH Shiatsu massage

Multicolor LED-LIT BOWL

Salons with soft lighting

Impeccable craftsmanship

Inlay remote ( your customers can conveniently control the movement of the chair and the massage system at their fingertips

Flushed -concept handbag hooks

Timelessness Luxurious Burlwood & chrome accents

Translucent Gel Bowl ACETONE -resistant

Ultra-touch Acetone resistant leatherette

Package: 115*65*42cm

Video link :luxury pedicure chair and stool

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